Future Hybrid Students

If you are reading this then it is obvious you chose to be in the English 214 hybrid class with teacher professor Shannon (I think he likes this name). Just because you meet twice a week does not mean it’s “easier”. You need more motivation for this class compared to a regular class because if you have a schedule like I do it will feel like you have a 4 day weekend! DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Don’t even let yourself miss one assignment, because the cycle will continue and you’ll find yourself halfway through the semester looking on iLearn with an F. Just like any other class, do your work and take time to read multiple articles just to build your own opinion on a subject because in the long run the more you have researched on your topic the more you’ll have to write about. You should also choose your topic wisely because when Prof. Shannon says no changing your topic he actually means it. Don’t be like me and pick something you know a lot about and 3 blog posts into the semester it all seems repetitive and you don’t want to write on that topic anymore. Pick something you know almost nothing about and is highly debatable. Make sure you don’t have your mind made up on a side either. The less you know the better off you’ll be. 1–2 hours of research before writing your blog posts really does make writing so much easier. Another helpful tip would be to ask your group members to read your post and give you feedback so you can edit it. Peer edits and reviews are extremely helpful! Lastly, make sure to memorize everyones name in class because the longer you take to memorize their names, the more embarrassing the questions prof. Shannon asks will become. This English 214 hybrid class is very beneficial especially to commuters because you only have to meet twice a week, just make sure to actually do your homework and turn it in on time and class will fly by fast as heck!

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