Ethics and the Election

One of the most troubling issues with this election year is an unprecedented abandonment of our Republican leader’s ethics. Specifically, the moral principles by which they govern their own behavior proves cause for concern. We live in a time when fear of retribution from an institutional behemoth causes those trusted to represent the People to instead become silenced, when the very principles of this great country are being threatened. Painfully witnessing elected officials suspend their beliefs and values to ensure self promotion rather than reject a nominee who consistently tears down their ideals approaches unacceptable. Republicans, elected to protect the constitution, ignoring or blindly supporting Trump’s campaign speeches and policies, which attack the very foundation of the Constitution without regard for it’s sanctity, demonstrate the party’s demise. When officials like Paul Ryan denounce Trump at an ideological level, but then proceed to endorse him, it places their self-interest and party loyalty above logic. That kind of selfishness for personal gain has no place in a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Trump supporters, my heart breaks at the thought they would fall victim to his charm and rhetoric, when his message is so clearly anti-American. Have we really come this far as a country only to regress 150 years? If we truly believe the saying, “we are the greatest country on Earth,” then why not prove it with our actions? Each day I cling to the last glimmer of hope that those who have the power to speak out against hatred and to choose to do what is right, will do so. Because until that day our great nation will only continue to wither and die.