New Trump…For Now

Donald Trump’s recent endorsement of Speaker Paul Ryan and Senators McCain and Ayotte appear to show that the candidate turning the page regarding the rifts he has created within the Republican Party. But is this too little too late? For a year and a half Mr. Trump has had a take- no-prisoners mentality to his campaign, returning cannon fire for even the smallest dagger thrown. What’s more is his seeming inability to show remorse for his most undeserved casualties. Many times offering a playground bully’s response to allegations of misconduct, he would rather throw someone’s own language back at them rather than create original work, as when he said of endorsing Mr. Ryan, “I’m just not there yet.” Many Republicans are now looking to his rallies on August 5th, and his apologetic tweet that morning about the video of the plane carrying the Iranian hostages, as a sign that Mr. Trump is falling in line and uniting the party.

I warn Republicans, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. It may seem very clear that Mr. Trump is getting his act together; but is it just an act? Remember, for the entirety of his campaign, he has divided, insulted, slandered and lied in a duplicitous manner that, according to him, has gotten him to the point of winning the nomination. Why should he change now? The answer is obvious to most, that he can’t do it alone, even stating at his rally in Wisconsin, “I need a Republican Senate and a House to accomplish all of the change we have to make.” Personally, this change of heart sounds to me like the moment of clarity a junkie has at the end of a bender, it won’t be long before the old Trump comes back to the party.

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