Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi Locking Doors

Multi locking doors are becoming popular among home and business premises owners in the recent years. Although the multi locks were modified for use in cars, they were redesigned to match the home desires. There are many advantages associated with these types of doors. However, there are also risks associated with this type of system. It is always necessary to consider both pros and cons before installing one in your home or business premises.

There are many reasons for getting a multi-lock door system, but what particular aspect helps you in your day to day life? It is crucial to ask yourself these types of questions as you contemplate different options. Here are advantages and disadvantages of multi locking doors :



With a multi lock door, there is no need to worry about pocket fishing in your pocket or bag for the door. The doors come with a system where you can simply reach out and enter the code, scan your card, or sensors pick your fob.


With a multi-lock door, your premises are more secure. There is no need to worry about thievery as there are multi locks needed. Criminals have much harder time compromising the locking system than any other regular lock and key. Protect what you have with these doors.

Better Access Control

For a more security sensitive application with a high rate of employee turnover, it is vital to have these doors that can handle specific needs of the premises and its users. Multi locks can be built with access control features to restrict access to certain users.

More Visually Impressive

The idea seems shallow, however, the locks count. A room full of multi locks can secure impressively and create a security attitude than single lock system.

Here are cons associated with the doors :

Limited Access Control

When using multiple locks, it is quite easy to get locked out of your property. This is because, keys can be easily misplaced or lost, which means you have to find a spare one. The situation is more humiliating if you lack a spare key to open the door. You are forced to contact a locksmith to work on the lock before gaining access to your premises.

Easy Key Duplication

Regardless of the model and type of lock system, the keys can be easily forged by any blacksmith. Forging a key does not involve any elaborate procedures, and it takes just a matter of minutes. Keys are easily misplaced; anyone can take and make a copy out of them.


There are various ways in which multi locks doors can be inconveniencing. You have to carry your keys around or hide them somewhere. This means each time you forget the keys behind; you have to go back or break the lock to have access to the property. This may waste a lot of time, especially when you are in a hurry.

To avoid these risks, consider switching to electronic keyless digital doors.

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