The Details of Structural Steel Construction

Steel is basically used in construction to provide sturdiness to the structure being built. It can primarily be used in two ways: Structural steel constructions and light steel frame constructions.

Often the distinction between structural steel buildings and light steel frame construction isn’t quite clear. While steel is used as an element to strengthen the structure in both, the ways, means, quantity, quality and style of use differs to a large extent.

One of the biggest advantages of using steel is the fact that is derived from a natural resource iron, that is present in abundance on earth and thus it is beneficial for the environment. The production process of steel is very efficient and no natural resources get wasted in the process. Moreover, since steel structures are pre-fabricated it can be rated as one of the fastest method of construction. The life span of steel structures is better than any other material used or erecting a building.

Across the world, steel is an ally of architecture as it can connect with all other building materials. Due to its high resistance, lightweight constructions can create large free spans. These transparent structures allow the maximal use of natural light.

The buildings that involve the use of structural steel have a different outlook and purpose of making the building. The primary structure elements of the building are linear elements such as columns and beams, in many cases placed on a regular grid of the structure. Vertical charges are transferred as concentrated loads.

The individual elements are often hot rolled steel profiles with an important section. They are the typical IPE column and beam. Other I-shaped profiles or hollow sections such as box or tube profiles can also be used in this construction method. Either bolting or welding does connecting two or more elements.

Structural steel constructions are beneficial on many levels. Using large sections of structural steel enables free spans and cantilevers in the building. The structure of the building is stronger than any other material used. Using structure steel can easily support any architectural liberty for heavy point loads in the design of the building.

This makes structure steel buildings a viable option for industrial use where taking care of load on every point in the building is important. Another important benefit of using structure steel is the fact that it can be disassembled and reassembled to be used later.