How Is Structural Steel Detailing Done?

In the construction World, structural steel has been at the forefront among construction materials and is used widely in almost all construction projects. Structural steel is durable, long-lasting as well as affordable. That is why it is used in major architectural projects such as stadiums, bridges, high-rises etc.

Before construction, the steel parts are joined together to make the final frame through the process of fabrication. These steel parts are purchased from structural steel fabrication companies by the builders. These parts mainly include plates, flats, angles, structural sections etc. Structural steel fabrication companies ensure that the parts are available in plenty to meet the requirements of the industry.

Structural steel fabrication companies are entrusted with cutting, shaping and assembling of the steel parts. These companies purchase the steel and fabricate them according to the specifications of the builders. The most important task of a structural steel fabricator is steel detailing. Steel detailing refers to the drawings, sketches, plans and field details. This technique is used in all types of projects including residential, commercial, and industrial. This technique also helps to maintain accuracy in the dimensions and size of each steel part. Steel fabricators should possess good engineering skills and a sharp vision to catch any flaws in the design and troubleshoot them accordingly. The structural steel detailing process consists of two types of drawing-erection drawings and shop drawings.

Various types of software such as Tekla, Revit are used in the detailing process so that the drawings come out perfect and error-free. Nowadays, software such as AutoCAD and ProSteel 3D are used for structural detailing and fabrication. These software allow you to work with minute and complex sizes. Because of these new-fangled software, a structural steel fabricator can extract fabrication drawings and generate computer numerical control (CNC) data with much ease. It also helps in timely delivery of the finished fabricated steel frames and ensure profit.

These steel design software helps the steel fabricators to prepare 3D models and drawings accurately. While preparing the drawings, the steel fabricator takes into consideration who the end users are, what processes are involved and what data can support the processes. Once these things are in place, the steel fabricator puts the data into the model.

When you are choosing a structural steel fabrication company, you must look at their proficiency in installing as well as erecting the steel structure. Besides this, the company should have the efficiency in handling large materials and should be accurate with their design structures. Structural steel fabrication companies which have adequately trained and highly skilled staff that can ensure quality and high standards in their work are the ones you can vouch for.