Electrical Cables Online

An Electrical Cable Is Made Of Two Or More WiresRunning Side By Side And Bonded, Twisted, Or Braided Together To Form A Single Assembly, The Ends Of Which Can Be Connected To Two Devices, Enabling The Transfer Of Electrical Signals From One Device To The Other. Cables Are Used For A Wide Range Of Purposes, And Each Must Be Tailored For That Purpose. Cables Are Used Extensively In Electronic Devices For Power And Signal Circuits. Long-distance Communication Takes Place Over Undersea Cables. Power Cables Are Used For Bulk Transmission Of Alternating And Direct Current Power, Especially Using High-voltage Cable. Electrical Cables Are Extensively Used In Building Wiring For Lighting, Power And Control Circuits Permanently Installed In Buildings. Since All The Circuit Conductors Required Can Be Installed In A Cable At One Time, Installation Labor Is Saved Compared To Certain Other Wiring Methods. Aluminum Wire Armor (AWA) Is Used Instead Of Steel Wire. This Is Because The Aluminum Is Non-magnetic. A Magnetic Field Is Produced By The Current In A Single Core Cable. This Would Induce An Electric Current In The Steel Wire, Which Could Cause Overheating.These Cables Are Manufactured Using Finest Quality Aluminum Raw Material. It Will Have High Tensile Strength, Longer Service Life And Excellent Conductivity. Some Of The Features Of Aluminum Wire Armor Cable Are Long Life, High Performance, Longer Service Life, Low Maintenance And Durability.Coaxial Cable, Or Is A Type Of Cable That Has An Inner Conductor Surrounded By A Tubular Insulating Layer, Surrounded By A Tubular Conducting Shield. Many Coaxial Cables Also Have An Insulating Outer Sheath Or Jacket. The Term Coaxial Comes From The Inner Conductor And The Outer Shield Sharing A Geometric Axis. Coaxial Cable Differs From Other Shielded Cable Used For Carrying Lower-frequency Signals, In That The Dimensions Of The Cable Are Controlled To Give A Precise, Constant Conductor Spacing, Which Is Needed For It To Function Efficiently As A Transmission Line.


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