gulp generator

About gulp generator

gulp generator is a web based GUI tool which enables you to make gulpfile.js and package.json easily.
 It is recommendable for those who like GUI or beginner of gulp

How to use

Just check options you want to use and enter the destination and source path of the files


Save created data to a browser’s local storage

If you check and enter the value on the forms, the values will be saved on the localstorage, so you can use the same data when you visit the site again

Copy Source

If you are Chrome user, you can copy the source. By clicking “Copy the source”, the source code will be saved on your clipboard.

Save as zip file

For the more, you can get both gulpfile.js and package.json as zipped file. you can download it by pushing “download the package”


If your browser’s lang setting is in English, then the site will be written in English, and if your browser’s lang is Japanese, then you can see Japanese GUI.

If you don’t like something…

I’m looking forward to getting pull-request or folk from you. or you can just point out what is wrong. here is my github page

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