Trump Goes Full Fascist
War Is Boring

When a candidate like Hillary is put forward its natural that you will get one like Trump to counter. Especially after Obama’s contining overreach with his executive actions and outright arrogance has lowered the bar for POTUS intot he gutter. If you can’t see how utterly insane it is for a US senator, and then secretary of state, to be unabashedly involved in an ongoing pay-for-influence scheme with FOREIGN governments (CGI) and to be conducting US Government TSI emails from a private server from her house then there is little hope for you. If any other federal civil servant had done either of these they would be in prison — thats not a joke.

The truth is that the ME is a far more unstable place now than before Obama and Clinton (abetted by the likes of McCain) worked their magic to destablize multiple stable if distasteful governments in a myopic desire for “democracy” — and even having the luxury of hindsight on the Bush II Iraq lunacy debacle to learn from! Hillary’s Russian “reset button” did just that — right back to 1960, and now they are behaving per there reflexive xenophobic habits.

No. The fact that a blowhard a$$hole like Trump is even in the running is testament to how utterly lying and crooked we know Hillary is. Should Clinton get elected you will see a federal bureacracy run amok and unchecked and ever higher taxes to choke off US industry. She is already saying the police need to be “reeducated” and government will seize company profits for redistribution, channeling her inner Mao.

You can frankly lay this whole mess at the feet of the Democrat and Republican establishment that worked behind the scenes to impose their candidate on their primary voters (successfully with the Dems and unsuccessfully with the Republicans). Sanders was naive policy-wise but at least he wasn’t an outright lying establishment crook like ALL Clintons. Too bad he, the popular vote winner, was cut off at the knees by Wasserman/Clinton cabal along with their Soros funded #BLM brownshirts. On the Republican side there were several alternatives but all had to espouse the open borders policies the country clubbers so greatly desire, and that the rest of us see will utterly destroy the lives of all but the elites should it be allowed to continue at Obama’s destructive pace — so they were all rejected.

A fine mess we are in isn’t it.

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