For Better or Worse

I gave you this little rock (earth) and you accepted. We came together and like it or not we’re stuck with each other.

Hmm, how should I present this?

Some of us are dickheads.

I might be one of them. At least sometimes. But there is no divorce here; only death do us part. If something I’m doing bothers you it’s time we learn to communicate. Seriously, what kind of relationship do you want this to be? If we can’t have a civil conversation what kind of a sham marriage is this. We’re adults! Aren’t we?!

Communication is critical to a healthy relationship.

We can do this. If we talk to each other and acknowledge the value in each other’s perspectives we can come up with some incredible things. Sure, we’ll disagree on a few things, but I promise you, I PROMISE YOU, we all have a few things in common. If I cut any of you, you all bleed the same colour; we can all be hurt. If I encourage you and you listen, you can do incredible things. Believe me, I KNOW you are all capable of incredible things.

I hope I’m not beating a dead horse. Another thing we all have in common is a short time on this planet. “We’re here for a good time, not a long time…” So let’s do things well; lets do the incredible. We’re awesome people; we’re the human race. WE ARE ONE RACE. We’re in this race together. It’s time we take notice of each other. We all have value and we have greater value when we work together.

So rather than argue and fight, let’s talk and build each other up.

I’m committed to you. I love you. And I will never give up on Us!

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