I Lived Nowhere and With Nothing For the Past Year — This Is What Happened…
James Altucher

I don’t know what all to say, but I’ll try. I can relate a lot to what you’re saying. My transience isn’t as advanced as yours was, but since moving away from my hometown six and a half years ago, I’ve lived in twelve places and tomorrow I move into the thirteenth. That’s not including the dozens of hostels I’ve stayed in and I maybe should include the one I’m currently in, since I’ve used it more like a residence than a hostel.

I’m going to fall back on the concept about your closest friends defining who you are. If all your friends are transient and you take on other people’s personas you’re going to have a hard time understanding who YOU are. My suggestion is find a few people who have good qualities; people whom you would like to be like and form meaningful relationships with them. If the people in your community are people you like right away then it IS YOUR COMMUNITY.

I read a lot into names and yours has a few meanings that are relevant to the story you have presented. One is trickster, the other is replacement. I guess I’d need to know your middle name(s) to really over analyze things, but I’ll just ponder who our Father is and suggest being a loving individual.

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