6 Tips for Decorating With Blinds

When decorating with blinds in Denver, homeowners may be overwhelmed by the choices they have. To make the process simpler, though, they can follow these tips to make the best of their home décor project.

Take a Minimalist Approach

With wood blinds, like other types of window coverings, less is more. Get rid of heavier window treatments in favor of blinds that are a solid color, and keep the windows free of heavy drapes to keep the minimalist, streamlined look.

Consider Neutral Colors

By choosing blinds in white or neutral shades, homeowners can take visitors’ focus away from their windows. If the room is decorated in a bold hue, or if the owner wants to draw the eye to other design elements, a light-colored blind will let more light in and brighten up other décor.

Go Vertical

Vertical blinds can add style and distinction to any room in the home. They’re ideal for large windows and sliding doors, but apart from that, they can give the home a unique look that owners will love. Whether they’re going for a dramatic, bold, or simple look, vertical blinds can give an owner what they’re looking for.

Choose Drapes Carefully

No matter which style of blinds a homeowner chooses, drapes can add a unique dimension to the home’s windows. Design Craft is proud to offer custom draperies to its customers. With a wide range of hardware, styles, and fabrics for every need, custom drapes can keep homes looking great for years to come. With the right drapes, it’s possible to tie the entire room together.

Consider the Location

If the blinds are to be hung in a humid room such as the bathroom or kitchen, buyers should avoid natural materials like wood, silk, and linen, which can fade, twist, and rot in these conditions. Instead, choose aluminum, faux wood, or vinyl blinds for a look that won’t fade away.

Measure Correctly

An important step is to decide whether the blinds should fit outside or inside the window opening. For an outside fit, measure the drop and width of the area to be covered. For an inside-the-window fit, take measurements at the top, middle, and bottom, and measure the drop at the left, right, and middle. Use the smallest of the length and width measurements to get the right size blinds.

These tips can help area homeowners choose blinds that work with the home’s overall design. Visit the website or call for more home design advice.