The End of Empathy
Stephanie Wittels Wachs


Shortly before he passed, your brother did a radio interview where he discussed, amongst many other things, his addiction. It effected me very deeply. I have also struggled deeply with addiction but I related even more to the kind of mind and personality that he had. I could relate to the refreshing lack of bullshit, the honestly, the humor and the creativity but also to that pull to the darkness and the existential struggle that seems to go hand in hand with it all. I certainly have played that role in my family (even when I’ve tried not to). Actually, my sister has been the one that has usually understood me the most.

Today, reading your article, I was similarly moved. It actually reminds me of something that my sister, who is the mother of four fantastically creative (and unschooled) children, would have written. Your Heart spoke directly to mine today just like your brother’s did back then. Your insight and compassion are inspiring. Thank you.

I am a musician and I would like to share a song with you. I hope that you don’t feel that this is a shameless attempt at self-promotion (I will be conflicted over that enough for the both of us). I hope that it might speak to your Heart as you have spoken to mine.

Here is a link:

Both you and your brother impacted me on days where I really needed it. I am so grateful for your family! Thank you again and I wish you an Internet full of peaceful and non-hostile blogging experiences in the future. LOVE!

Steev Richter