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I’m @stef on Twitter. Sketching with code and making things that give a leg up to the little guy. Co-founder of @makeshift.

Accelerating serendipity

Can you make happy accidents happen more often?

Luck plays an unusually large part in any success story—just skimming through a few…

If software is eating the world, who‘s running the restaurant?

There’s a gender gap in tech. Can we narrow it?

Getting back to the drawing board

What‘s next after Makeshift?

I’m leaving Makeshift

The Essential Listicles of 2014

Every top ten you need to read from the last year



Can’t remember any.


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Randomness, serendipity, luck and the accidentally positive.

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Hug the random

Let’s distribute the future

What would you give a child to inspire an interest in technology?
A box full of awesome things perhaps?

Monsters! Everywhere!

Sharing my love of drawing monsters with my kids

I love drawing things. Mainly monsters.

Internet of Things, where are you?

Visualising the devices around you right now

The Internet of Things (IoT) is at that crucial point on the hype cycle where…

Lining things up

How do you choose your next project?

Life often feels like it’s made of a series of chapters. Moving from one to the next you almost wish you could…

The idea funnel

“If you want to have good ideas you must have many ideas.
Most of them will be wrong, and what you have to learn is
which ones to throw away.”

My dad turns into a robot!

A tiny game to encourage your kids to code

Coding. Something that you would probably associate with sitting behind a laptop, typing.

Cheers, Medium!

You turned me into a writer

I just added the word “writer” to my Twitter bio, which is something I really didn’t see coming. When you update your own…