A tiny act of feminism

Stef Lewandowski
Nov 20, 2013 · 1 min read

I have four kids. Two boys and two girls.

Blue, pink, who gets which beaker?

Each night that I make it back for bed-time, I give the eldest boy and girl a beaker of milk.

Tonight I picked a pink one and a blue one from the cupboard, and I realised I’ve unconsciously been doing something:

I randomise who gets the blue and who gets the pink beaker.

As Emily says, “Pay attention to the little things, because when you look back they might have been the big things”, and these small, everyday actions can have a big effect on how our kids grow up.

So I thought I’d give a tiny idea a page on the web. This is it.

    Stef Lewandowski

    Written by

    Move fast and make things. http://stef.io

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