Has Anyone Noticed Live Streaming Is Boring?
Whit Harwood

Despite our best intentions, we’ve deceived ourselves with the democratization of content production, thinking that everyone in this world can be a content creator when, in reality, that’s just an utter fallacy.

If by “content production” we mean “producing content” then it’s more true than ever. But if we mean “producing interesting content” you may have a point.

The few voices that no doubt are worth listening to drown in an ocean of nonsense. And since deep down everyone wants to be heard, others who are in some way different (therefore in some sense also more interesting) from all the rest are less and less tolerated. Everything evolves towards a sludge of mediocrity.

The same reasoning holds for producing art, music, books, poems, articles, doing politics, leading a company, raising kids, …. every aspect of life really.

Democracy taken to the extreme like this might therefore be self-destructive, at least as long as there’s no counter-force or selection mechanism to weed out the nonsense from the sense.

Recent history suggests that “size of the audience” or “maximizing income” alone are not sufficient as a selection mechanism (unless short-term monetary gain is your only goal). Just look at the state of the media: the amount of nonsensical tv-shows and “news”papers (e.g. specialized in celebrity gossips) made for no reason other than to attract an as wide as possible audience nowadays is staggering, and they quickly replace attempts at producing serious content.