You do not want to be a colleague’s first encounter with a woman in an alpha role. You definitely do not want to be the first woman to tell a man he is wrong about something.
How (and Why) to Avoid Hiring That Terrible Google Dudebro
annie feighery

Because, of course, all men are born being sexist… And you, of all people, want to lecture others about stereotypes! I mean, seriously!

But, of course, the convictions you have can’t be subject to the same fundamental biases that you “identified” in others. For instance, the idea that you were “overlooked” because you are a woman can’t possibly be due to your gut feelings on the issue. And I can see that this article is solely based on scientific evidence, rather than gut-feelings *cough*. Because, you are right! No reasons or evidence needed for your case! Your gut-feelings are enough.

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