If it’s such “nonsense,” then why respond to it?
Michelle Greer

First of all, you see the irony in you responding, don’t you?

But to answer your question: Maybe it is a simple mistake that needs some reconsideration? Accepting the notion that most software is written by white men (which is certainly not true globally, trust me) is certainly easy. Similarly, people have a tendency to be afraid of flying, even though, statistically, it’s the safest form of transportation.

And btw, why would it necessarily be a bad thing if most software was written by white men? Are you a racist or sexist?

Let me ask you another question: If it is actually true that people’s opinion can be discarded if they work in a field where they are surrounded by other people who share a very particular trait (gender and skin color), why isn’t the same true of gender studies which is dominated by women?

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