India’s CS schools are near gender parity. There will soon be more Indian programmers than American programmers:
India’s CS schools are near gender parity.
Michelle Greer

In contrast to many self-proclaimed diversity-ideologues, I have actually worked in India as a freaking Software Engineer.

And guess what, I even had a female boss and we got along perfectly well. It was a cool experience and I enjoyed working in an office with 50% women–it’s boring being only among men.

So yeah, more women in engineer is actually a reason to work in India. Also the people I met are generally very lovely, just good human beings. But I doubt that India is something for you! Are you sure you want your parents to select a partner for you? I saw this happening.

They also don’t have this notion of blaming everything on men. Maybe that’s the problem in our society? Ever though of that? But that is something a white woman came up with, hence, it can’t be wrong!

Guess what, in India, the students are expected to study either engineering or medicine. Nobody there studies gender studies or ethnic nonsense.

And, excuse me, your argument is simply wrong. The fact that there are more women in CS in countries where women have less freedom, and less women where they have more freedom and more economic opportunity, supports the conclusions by evolutionary psychologists: If are free to do what you want, inherent biases will unfold in your decisions.

So, what is your argument exactly? Make white women poor again?

Look, if white men are stupid and sexist per default, give me one good reason we shouldn’t assume the same about white women.

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