That’s hilarious because I actually speak German, studied in Austria for 6 months, and have read…
Andrew Williams

And I bet you believe that unions want to “help the workers”, not fill mafia pockets, that politicians are there to improve society, not enrich themselves, and that Santa Claus brings gifts for Christmas.

Antifa = FASCISTS. If they want to “punch Nazis”, they have to punch themselves in the face every day.

They are EXACTLY like Mussolini’s brownshirts and Hitler’s SA and their goal is the same: prevent any kind of meaningful debate, because they would lose.

BLM = anti-white racist supremacists who are using a totally fake narrative to justify extreme violence, murder and terrorism.

Blacks are NOT getting killed disproportionately, except maybe by other blacks. Definitely NOT by the police! Confirmed by a black professor from Harvard who studied the issue:

Yes, published in the Washington Post, not some “crazy right-wing white supremacist” publication…

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