Yeah, you’re the kind of person I’m talking about, how do you function in society clutching your…

I’m clearly NOT a person you would ever talk about, because you don’t know anyone like me!

You have absolutely no clue how I think, as you don’t even understand anything I say even when I go to great length to explain it.

“ how do you function in society”

Perfectly well — I’ve worked successfully as independent on 4 continents and over 50 countries with a huge range of extremely different people.

So your pathetic attempt at insulting me falls flat.

“clutching your pearls so hard”

What is that even supposed to mean? You are clearly unable to express yourself. I have no idea if that expression makes sense to you, but to me, it’s irrelevant gibberish.

“because you don’t know what sarcasm is?”

Hahahahaha, this is pathetic beyond belief!

The arrogance is breathtaking — I’ve been using sarcasm at an age at which you could not count 3 :D :D :D

It’s one of my favorite methods to beat up stupid people online.

But obviously, sarcasm requires INTELLIGENCE. When a dumb person tries to use sarcasm, it usually fails miserably.

As no one has actually provided the supposedly so important context for that tweet, it is still a stand-alone statement and it has to be seen as such. Any tweet is supposed to be a stand-alone message — there’s a reason I don’t like Twitter. There’s absolutely no sarcasm to be found. NONE.

You CLAIM that he wrote this to mock other people who defended Polanski. Well he should have avoided sounding EXACTLY like people who actually defend Polanski!

It’s very hard to use exaggeration to mock people on the left, because they actually say the most ridiculously absurd things in earnest.

So unless you can provide that context you claim exists, this cannot be considered “sarcasm”. And if it was, it would be about the worst example I’ve ever seen.