Sorry to burst your bubble but, none of Trump’s policies have come into effect yet, so the current…
Fernando Quintero

Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, but you are totally delusional!

Trump policies clearly HAVE come into effect. Many of them immediately, the second he cancelled many of those idiotic and illegal executive orders by Obama.

Secondly, when he passed his own executive orders, appointed new heads of departments etc.

Look at the energy policy: coal is booming! NOT because of Obama policies, given that he tried to kill coal.

The market is BOOMING. Again only since Trump’s election. In this case because the market ANTICIPATES CHANGE.

Funny how none of this happened during Obama’s 8 years.

In fact, during Obama’s rule, the employment rate of black people fell to an absolute minimum they had not seen since the 1960s. Not unemployment, but the percentage of black people actively participating in the labor force. Unemployment does not count those who officially dropped out of the unemployed statistics, so it does not reflect the true number of people involuntarily without job and income.

Needs to be said, given that you are obviously so totally ignorant about economics.

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