(Why) The English-Speaking World is the New Soviet Union
umair haque

Wow, you really have no idea why the USSR collapsed, do you?

It collapsed because it was based on SOCIALISM and that’s exactly your own ideology.

The USSR did not “descend into autocracy”, that’s how it got started!

The Bolsheviks never won a single election. Russia held ONE election, after the fall of the czarist regime. The Bolsheviks got 5% of the vote. So they decided that democracy was not really their thing and they just used extreme violence to impose Communism. You know, like Antifa & BLM…

THE most catastrophic development, in the US and the UK are that all the universities have been infected with Marxism and Islam, the 2 most stupid and evil ideologies known to mankind.

That an absolutely brilliant thinker and teacher such as Prof.Jordan Peterson in Canada should be prosecuted and potentially fired over the use of imaginary, pointless pronouns, that is a serious problem for our civilization.

Fortunately, the US rejected the pseudo-elite that caused this catastrophe and elected Trump.

That was the one event that changed the course of history and may yet save us.

Indeed, Trump’s economic changes already brought massive improvements. Black employment figures are finally rising, after falling continuously under Obama:

It’s pretty ironic that it is Trump, who has been falsely accused of being “racist”, who helps black people in the US, while Obama made them worse off.

The interesting part is the fact that people like you keep misunderstanding reality, because you live in an ideological fog that doesn’t allow you to see further than your own nose.

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