A Disaster In The Making: The Long-Term Consequences Of Russia Hysteria
Michael Tracey

The only Russia that poses a “serious threat” to the US is a peaceful, relatively democratic, relatively liberal and stable Russia mainly interested in good relations and good business with its neighbors. Too good relations between Russia and an (equally stable) EU could quickly mean the US would be marginalized and soon sent to a distant place three in all meaningful arenas. Beyond that Russia neither has any interests nor even remotely the capabilities to pose a “threat” to the US. But I can imagine that US intelligence folks believe that Russia tries to meddle with US internal affairs, because the US are constantly doing that everywhere around the globe. The liar and manipulator constantly suspects lies and manipulations around him. The seeming “conflicts” with Russia largely are a result of continued western breaches of contracts and promises and systematic provocations directly touching on Russian border and national security. When Putin spoke in the German parliament in 2001, he painted a vision of a future of a European sphere stretching half around the northern planet, from North Atlantic to North Pacific. That must have been a nightmarish vision for all USAian exceptionalists.