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Empty lecture halls, abandoned seminar rooms, closed cafés. Things have become quiet at Germany’s universities in recent months. This will change again at many universities from the winter semester 2020/21 onwards. In order to guarantee security on campus during the Corona Pandemic, UniNow GmbH has developed a digital function for tracking COVID 19 infection chains.

Start of winter semester with hybrid concept

Students are facing another extraordinary semester in the Corona crisis. The partially improvised digital teaching in the summer semester will be part of the programme again, at least in the coming winter. However, the motto of the universities is: as much presence as possible. However, the universities have been obliged to collect data on attendance courses. …

A practical introduction to the new feature coming with v0.59

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Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

Update 12/03/19: The React Native team released version 0.59.

Dan Abramov introduced Hooks at the React Conf 2018 on Oct 26, 2018. When I first saw React Hooks I was very excited about that cool new syntax, but did not see a real use case for our company.

After a while playing around with Hooks in React 16.8 I realized, that Hooks are a great way to write functional components in a very clean way and could replace a lot of boilerplate code in our project.

To get a good understanding of React Hooks, I don’t want to give you an introduction in an abstract “Hello World”-ish manner. Instead, I want to explain Hooks in a practical use case of writing a theme provider for an app including navigation and persistence. …


Stefan Wegener

Co-Founder & CTO of UniNow

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