Why I travel…….

I love travelling…. backpacking more specifically. I’ve never experienced a more liberating feeling than being in a foreign country with nothing more than my rucksack and a few bucks in my back pocket. It’s honestly the most pure high I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never felt more free. I wish I had the grasp of language to articulate how much it’s moved me, how happy its made me and how much ive grown as a person because of it. I’ve tried in vain to explain to my family and friends who don’t travel like a backpacker. The response is consistent as the day is long “I cant think of anything worse”. Honestly I’m just not clever enough to sum up such an unbelievable feeling :)

So why do I feel so devoted to the backpacker lifestyle and what exactly is it?

Firstly ill explain my personal philosophy. Not a guide to how I think people should travel but how I personally love to do it and what I believe in….

I travel mostly for the thrill of having no responsibilities, no where to be and no one to keep time for. I seriously love that feeling. No boss to impress, no career to think about and no ladder to climb. Self-exploration, personal growth and straight up good times. I feel these things are worth their weight in gold. Personally I place more emphasis on how many stamps are in my passport than how impressive my CV looks at an interview. I honestly just don’t value it in comparison. I think it’s a lie that society has built and so many of us buy into hook line and sinker. For me and so many other’s life is much more than, get a job, meet someone, get married, buy a house, have a baby, live happily ever after.

Don’t get me wrong it comes with its pitfalls and low moments. But those setbacks make the great moments that much sweeter!!! Travelling for me is less about pictures under the Eifel tower and more about the moments, the feelings, the emotional high’s and lows of a and the people. I love the moments that completely consume you. Cause you to forget everything you knew. Challenge you to look at life from a new angle. The moments that you are completely and utterly living in the moment. I dont think there’s anything else in modern life that compares to the substance that travelling offers!

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