The Last Chance to Make It as an Entrepreneur

My name is Stefan Winter, and I’ve called myself an Entrepreneur for the better part of 10 years. As long as I can remember I’ve tried to build multiple businesses and chased the dream of millions of dollars as fast as possible. Everything changed when I turned 30 about a month and a half ago.

Let me explain…

Honestly, during the 10 years, I’ve seen a lot of success, I was just not able to maintain it. I worked for Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, this was the only “job” I’ve ever enjoyed and I really did learn a lot about customer service, brand building and business in general. The job also gave me access to a lot of people, and with networking, I managed to get my real estate license in Nevada and start doing real estate.

Except for a Summer Job during my attempt at college which was managing a paint crew and painting the outside of houses, real estate was my first step into being an independent contractor.

Technology made my real estate business an instant success from the first month. I was the first agent in Las Vegas to have a mobile app thanks to a company called Smarter Agent and with the customer service standards set, I was building a brand.

After a few years, for various reasons all that came crashing down. Not in a small way, in a loose everything kind of way. Luckily at the lowest part of all this, I met my now girlfriend Blanca. I made a decision to built it the business again and sadly to this day 5 years later I have not succeeded.

I’ve gotten my real estate license in two other states since we met, we moved around a lot to different states, ended up back in Las Vegas twice and spent a lot of time living in hotels. All this is very hard when you love someone…

Here is what I learned, sadly just recently…

When I first got licensed I was myself, technology was my key to success and that is what I knew. I stayed away from the latest online tools, I stopped being active on my websites or social networks and really stopped sharing my business and real estate knowledge.

The key to success really is being yourself, getting your own brand out there and most importantly focusing on ONE business at a time. To be more happy Blanca and I just moved across the country to outside of Pittsburgh, PA and this is what I consider my very last shot to build a business and make it successful and profitable in under three weeks.

Our new company, Realterpreneur, lets me be myself, but also lets us take advantage and still make money of real estate for the States we are licensed in. Without having to do the day to day deals.

Of course to make that one business work, technology and social networks will play a big roll. After not using them for years, except for real estate I am way behind, but I know any business or even personal brand needs to be a media company to succeed now. To sell a mix of personal posts, and business posts builds trust.

I’ve always known this, but listened to people that said don’t put everything online, don’t do this. It’s a new world, and it’s the world that I truly understand and am ready to execute. At this point there is nothing to loose and everything to gain.

More on our business in the next post. For now, as I become myself again with technology I hope you follow along on my social networks below. You won’t find the get rich quick posts, just the real journey of building a business and living life.

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