In this article, as an employee, you will learn how to boost your home office experience. If you are an employer, you will learn how to teach your teams to excel at remote working.

It is getting more and more common. While there are still a bunch of employees and employers that see home office somewhat skeptical, more and more people realize the benefits. As CEO of a software developing company, I highly appreciate and encourage remote working, because:

  • We need fewer office resources (which keeps the costs low)
  • Our teams maintain an awesome work-life balance
  • We can employ and…

With examples in Python and JavaScript

In this article, you will learn about 3 essential tips that will help your source code to rise and shine. See, there are some unwritten laws that every good programmer obeys. Even if you are facing a tight schedule and you try to pump out your code as quickly as possible: You still have to follow these rules.

Even if you are an experienced programmer!

I’m not talking about algorithms, data structures, software architecture and design. I’m talking about something much more fundamental, much more vital: Readability

Source code needs to be carefully crafted

Stefan Woehrer

Software Architect, Full Stack Developer

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