Is VR or AR the next big thing?

Some people think that VR (virtual reality)is the next big thing, but is it? Or is it maybe AR, (Augmented reality) in this article you will find out!

The difference between VR and AR.
AR (Augmented reality)is a live direct view of a real life environment with elements that are augmented by a computer with inputs like sounds, video, graphics or GPS data. Like the Hololens from Microsoft or the Google Glass. The main reason to own such a device is to put more information in your reality that can help you with various kind of things, like your 3D image in actual 3D in your own environment or with your directions while your driving or walking.

Microsoft Hololens

VR (virtual reality) is a completely new generated reality without any graphics from the real environment, that allows user input from the real world by using controllers or cameras. The most popular devices are the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and the Gear VR. A few to use vr are gaming, medical use or professional use.

“Virtual reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of the imagination.”

How far is the technology?
AR is far from perfection, there are currently 2 technologies out. The google glass one, Just a part of your vision is optimized with AR. You can view notifications, maps or even your messages. but the main difference between the technologies is that this one isn’t adapting to your environment, it is stuck in one place. (the left upper corner.) 
And there is the Hololens, that is a AR experience that uses your whole vision. You can watch Youtube on your wall, yes it adapts to your environment. Or viewing your last 3D created “image” in actual 3D, what is a great win for the creative industry. There is only 1 downside, it isn’t portable at all. You have a big headset around your head, the impressive thing is that the computer is actually inside the headset.

Microsoft Hololens

VR is a bit more complete, but also far from perfection. this technology is actually already available from customers around the globe. At this moment you can get the VR experience, but it is very expensive and their are not much applications for it. Only in gaming and professional use, not for daily use. All the VR headsets are the same, the only difference is the quality of the experience. Oculus rift is more a sit experience, you don’t have any remotes to swing with or to interact with like a remote or something like that, you just get a Xbox one controller. but the HTC Vive is a stand experience, you can move around. you also get a remote that you can interact with (like a wii remote back in the days).

Oculus Rift

Is AR or VR more of the masses.
I think that AR has to most change to succeed by the masses, because it has far more possibilities than VR. You can actually wear it throughout the day, you cannot do that with VR. It can be a real game changer, you do not need a tv or computer anymore you can just use your AR device to project a screen in front of your face. without blocking the real reality.

VR is also great for gamers and for professionals, but it is just not for the masses. Yes you can use it for more personal conference calls across the globe and it is great for games. but the masses just won’t buy it, because it is really expensive and you cannot use it all the time.

Thank you very much for reading, i really appreciate it.

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