The Beginning of World War III

I’ve had the privilege of having conversations with my grandfather and my great-grandfather about Life, war & Love, at an age where I was already conscious of what it means, and what it meant for them to be living in that period of space-time.

Watching Hollywood movies about war is nice and all, but actually experiencing famine, while living in a room so small that it could be considered a dressing room by current day standards, with your 3 sisters and your cow for 2 years tops off any movie, in my humble opinion.

Any bird becomes potential protein, including their eggs. It does not matter anymore what type of birds, as long as it can sustain survival, that was the first lesson that my elders taught me.

Laws, rules, morality… everything fades away when your mind is being controlled by your basic human needs and organs, especially your stomach. No one cares anymore about What If, What will, How to. Fear and doubt is slowly but surely replaced by something much stronger, which some call intuition, others call insanity. Personally I don’t see a difference in this words. Words are made to describe a feeling, but each person’s perception of that feeling is what matters.

The logical question that popped my mind ever since was: What would I have done if I were put in their situation? Would I kill for food? Would anyone of us reach that level of loss of senses and go that low in order to survive? Is there place for judgment anymore when you’re in the middle of a World War?

A lot of questions, that raised even more questions ever since, and very few of them actually matter anymore, today, because things changed.

Change is the only Constant.

But as History has a way of repeating itself, it may be beneficial to understand it’s lessons from time to time.

After all, World Wars, Economic Crisis, Famine, Stock Markets, every aspect of modern society is controlled by One thing; Which is the human mind. No wonder we have screens everywhere, that are trying to replace Life, by inducing what someone or someones needs us to see/hear/feel. That is the only way to control the outcome of our own human perversity, in a safe and non-invasive manner.

And time passes, everyone minds their own business and problems (funny that problems is the only thing that EVERYONE has, it’s like someone wants us to have them, on purpose) — while Life is being conducted to take certain directions that affects us all, consciously or unconsciously, and we don’t even have a say in it, because we’re busy solving problems all the time, be it work related or others, there’s always something to solve.

To put it simply, you stop having a choice in most things, once you’re daddy ejaculates in your mommy, consciously or unconsciously.

What if a child is destined for greatness, what if a child dreams of something more than society intends him/her to be? Isn’t that a question that transcends race/gender/color and even time? Isn’t that something worth fighting for? Isn’t this something worth dying for?

We are defined by our values. Our whole existence is unconsciously defined by the 7 year rule of life. The values that are entrusted to us the first 7 years of our journey in this reincarnation are those that define who we are, who we become, and the potential that we have, because unlike thoughts, ideas, motivation and other feelings that come and go, values is among the few that remain with us all the time — 24/7 — even in our sleep. Each person’s starting values will open certain doors, with different set of skills, in time.

It even defines if you become rich or stay poor!

If you’ve been educated (consciously or unconsciously) to be a lazy bastard, don’t even think that you’re not going to be fat as well most probably, not that there’s anything bad or good about it, it’s just a consequence of your basic value.

Someone that has been raised to always get up early in the morning will most probably be a bit healthier than someone that is getting up really late (Thank you Mr. Obvious…).

Values as a topic is very important to understand in these times, to understand their impact on Life as a whole, as well as our own Life.

We are already in the middle of World War III.

This war is no longer fought for land and occupation anymore; It’s fought for control of those that inhabit it, because we are the most important asset; Those that are in the Matrix. And it’s being done with the help of worldwide digitization. You don’t really believe that free stuff are actually free, do you? There are so many ways to make money in today’s era, especially in the Digital World Economy.

We’re talking about the Internet as a whole here, and all other digital assets that appeared over time, and that are still due to appear in time.

Despite what people think will happen with the emergence of AI — Blockchain — IOT — VR and a ton of other cool stuff, the real war that is being fought at the moment is that of Time.

Our Time is the most important asset that we possess, and we’re living in a period of space-time when most of our basic needs CAN be (and will be) taken care of, because it’s become very cheap to do so, for further control. Time can be used for us or against us, in a million simple and clever ways that people don’t even notice, because why would they? Everyone’s busy solving problems.

Working in the Corporate IT business, I’m always amazed by the quantity of knowledge people do NOT have access to, especially those not in the IT field, in regards to things that can improve their life DRAMATICALLY.

Whenever I see fake-news that say that we will be able to build something that already exists, in 20/30/40/50 years time, and people actually beLIEve this crap, saddens me deeply, and confirms my perception once again on how deep the rabbit hole goes…

In several decades time, this period of space time (almost 2020) will most probably be called the Silent War, or that’s what I would call it. It’s one thing to steal someone’s wallet, or property — anything material, it’s a totally different level to destroy someone’s Soul.

This is something that should NOT be permitted, by any known/unknown Forces. A person’s Soul is the sum of all his Life’s, take that away, what do we have left? Unknown.

A wise man once told me: Turn experience into Power. What he really meant was: Turn experience into Wisdom. Wisdom = Power.

We have so much wisdom around us, architecture directly from Nature and Life itself, that has helped us fly, swim, build and move faster on-land than any creature living today.

When Wisdom will become (inevitable) a core value of Human Society, as it once was in ancient times (Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria etc.), only then will we truly be FREE.

Till then…

I will not be subject to criminal Abuse. Anything and Everything that influences my path without my consent, is criminal abuse…

This is not the 1st time we as a collective are experiencing this (and surely it won’t be the last). As mentioned above, History likes to repeat itself (or maybe we do it on purpose?).

If we want to change the world, we have to change ourselves, by changing our core values of what It means for US to be part of hUmaNITY.

As a collective, we have the Power/Wisdom to change everyone/everything, because All that surrounds us needs us, as we need it. That’s what we like to call the Symbiosis of Life.

You have to be a bit stupid to go against All, against Life, why not consciously support it then? This decision alone is just like the question from above, something that does not depend on race/gender/color…only Time.

All Is Love. Love Is All.

In my Perception, this is the simplest form of Truth, and we do not have to beLIEve it, only Feel It.

Feeling Is the highest form of Wisdom.