2016, the new rock n’ roll…

Dimension. This morning as I was talking with God, He gave me this word. Although I didn’t live through the 60s, I think that’s what they were all about. You guys realized that life didn’t have to be lived linearly anymore. there was more to life than just the white picket fence. Drugs heightened the awareness of the dimension of life, rock and roll gave a soundtrack to this dimension. No longer was life an equation, put in hard work effort and a good life and you’ll get out retirement at 65 with a house in Florida.

This new rock and roll is God opening the eyes of His people to a new dimension of His grace and love. No longer is this grace and love linear like it’s been taught to us, putting in x and getting out y, but God is calling us to stretch the dimension of it, in how we love those that are marginalized, how we engage and serve the community. It’s looking empires in the face that come to our front doors, looking to dominate through hatred, bigotry, sexism, racism and ignorance and saying no there is a better way, showing that there is a true empire that does dominate, not through isolationism, elitism and segregation but through opening the doors ever wider, welcoming all the saint and the sinner the famous and the faceless, showing that grace abounds all the more.

For those used to the linear love and linear grace, it’s tough to swallow that there is more to this. For those who are stuck on algebra, God is calling us up to calculus. It’s a tough journey but one worth taking.

Love you Jim! Love talking with you!

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