After MONTHS, literally months and recent weeks of research followed by being overwhelmed/burnt out/walking kilometers in solitude because of the immense self-hosting and blogging knowledge/options out there, from which commenting system to use (Disqus, Facebook comments, WP comments), which blogging software to use (Ghost versus WordPress), to most importantly, which web server would give the most optimal performance and cater for my needs to host this thing on (mainly Apache or Nginx, or a combination), and now after really wanting my own hosted custom URL shortener for mainly link/URL analytics, control and presentation purposes when sharing my 2013-based website, I’ve…

Startup Weekend Sydney 2014 — SoundNinja, Mars bars and drinks!

Okay, Day 2 of this semi-godforsaken Startup Weekend Sydney 2014. Things to note (From a technical IT perspective):

Web/Software Development

1. Probably best to invest time in becoming a Developer, since UX/UI Design can pretty much be done on the fly (it isn’t Rocket Science, neither is Dev, but at least Dev presents more complex challenges that are often more rewarding than piecing together a few wireframe flows — again, looking at this from a technical perspective and having had both academic and professional experience in both fields), you have social media/emails/talking for making marketing super fly, and good skilled Developers are…

Stefan Caliaro

User Experience Enthusiast | User Interface Fanatic | Microblogger | Coder | Science Fan | Music & Photo Lover | Interested in Startup Life |

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