The mystery of work-life balance
Julie Zhuo

This. 👌 #WorkLifeBalance Hint: Work for product-based companies, they’re usually Enterprise but also includes startups, and product-based companies focus on supporting and growing the products, not maintaining a service, some do both, but these are usually large Enterprises with huge amounts of 24/7 follow-the-sun 8 hour shift operations around the globe.

With a service based business, it becomes harder to maintain and scale, unless it’s some digital service which can usually be categorised as a product any way. A service like consulting can’t be easily scaled with code and design, but products can, hence the less stress and time involved you would hope at product-based companies.

Large enterprise product companies seem to have the best work-life balance (I.e. Most people clock off at 5–6) I’ve seen from my experience at two product based Enterprises doing product support at Cisco and AWS. :)

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