Is your creativity worth the sacrifice?
Cali Bird

Your example is exactly similar to where I am currently at in my life. I am about to make some big decisions and I am very glad I read your article, your basically saying exactly what my heart/intuition have been telling for some time now. I’m also an accountant worked for 12 years in Investment Banking in London and recently after a very long thought process, I managed to get the courage and say enough is enough and left my job. Working for someone else is just not my thing whiles ignoring my creative/design side. A month ago my friend told me about her vision of what company she would like to start but she needs someone to start and run the company for her. This is all funded by her but I know little of creative/smart furniture design. Here’s to taking risks and pushing ourselves to learn new things in life. I’m still looking for part time work 2–3 days a week.

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