[Hiri] How Organized Are Your Emails?

In a messy, online world, we humans frequently lean towards multitasking, a common term used in a more negative than positive way. This is because multitasking really can make a negative impact on how you work, even think at certain points, no matter how much work you actually get done and how much time you’re able to save.

When it comes to emails, they’ve become the essence of the IT sector these days, because you can’t really use any online product to its full extent, like Medium, right here, without actually having an email address ‘linked’ to your account. Marketing companies find a potential customer’s email address a gold mine, and I can personally confirm that.

And here comes the awareness part I stated in the title; are you organizing the time you spend reading, sending, and filtering out emails?

We often think of an email client as something that simply does its magic with ports and other stuff to provide us with our own “username@host.com” address in which the Inbox folder is just another mailbox, but virtual. Well, with spam emails coming our ways a lot more often than not, and with almost 45% of all emails we receive not being meant to go to our Inbox, this whole concept is basically going in the wrong direction, and it has been for quite a while.

This is the part where research kicks in. Hiri is what focuses on Microsoft’s Outlook (just another popular, but average email client), and yeah, anyone can round up a few hundred people’s email addresses and monitor how often they check their email, but as easy as it is, with only one real-looking email client available for use being Hiri, things aren’t looking so bright — at least this app is doing a great job!

So what’s Hiri?

Hiri is an email client that helps you master the art of email.

It’s an app (available for Windows, OS X, and Linux; Microsoft Outlook users only) that reshapes the way you look at your Inbox folder. To skip all those technicalities like “our spam detecting algorithms are by far the most modern and comprehensive…”, here’s what you can really do with Hiri:

  • Manage your tasks within the app itself — It’s like having Trello right next to your Inbox page. Simply write down what has to be done each day and drag any email as a reference to it. You can also organize those tasks by folders, if you want to.
  • See how often you should (not) check your email — Hiri is all about making you spend less time unnecessarily checking your email. The pop-up telling you when to open Hiri is the first thing you’ll always see. Now that’s raising awareness!
  • Set-up in-app reminders — Since it’s good to have an app reminding us to do stuff, there’s no need for any further explanation. Got an important business meeting you got invited to via email? Use Hiri to notify you for that!

I would love to see a mobile app from Hiri (with everyone owning a smartphone these days), but as it stands, Hiri is doing a fantastic job at the moment! It’s built for businesses and making time-efficiency a real thing!

Conclusion? There has to be an alternative to everything, even Microsoft Outlook!

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