Crypto Mining Website Is Shutting Down

A few months ago I created, a website where people could mine cryptocurrency XMR with their desktop PC. After a few months we can conclude that the proof of concept works, but that there is insufficient interest for the website to further develop it as stand-alone website.

Sacashi — Browser Mining

Was Sacashi A Success — Or Not?

Sacashi was primarily intended as a learning project. A total of 2599 people actively used Sacashi. Without that we really made a lot of advertising for the project that is pretty neat.

We had a very good profit margin, while our users were mining XMR, we paid them fully automatically in the XRP cryptocurrency. XRP is great for paying people, it’s super fast and very low cost.

The project was therefore certainly successful. We are very happy with what we have learned, it was a very rewarding experience.

Sacashi Logo, Copyright HODL Group

Alternatives for Sacashi — Browser Mining

The best alternative for Sacashi is CryptoTab, a website where you mine Bitcoin. They also have a browser, which is kinda cool. If you want to check it out go to, or use google and search for CryptoTab.

Another reason for this closure is because we will soon be launching a new platform, a crypto platform where people can use their browser to earn crypto by doing simple tasks, and it will also be possible to mine crypto there.

Crypto.Ad — Crypto Ad Network

That platform is Crypto.Ad, a Crypto Advertising Network. We expect to soft launch that platform in January 2019.

We hope to see you soon on Crypto.Ad 😄