I want to inspire more people into making good choices, feeling better and contributing to the world more meaningfully. In recent years, I have moved ever closer to a deeper purpose. This is a series of posts summarizing my experiences thus far. I hope they inspire you to meaningful action.

Change leadership, direct personal experiences, a genuine interest in health and wellbeing, alongside a passion for people, the world and the future have brought me to where I am today. It’s clear to me how healthy people, organizations, societies and the planet are all connected, sharing the same foundation.


Imagine this.

A digital health assistant who knows you, inside out. Who keeps track of your movements, exercise, nutrition, blood levels, heart rate, DNA, colds and injuries — everything concerning your physical health.

A digital health assistant who also knows your emotions, cognitive capacity, mental complexity level, sense-making, life challenges, crises — everything concerning your mental and emotional health.

A digital assistant that knows your habits and choices, giving you proactive guidance based on the latest behavioral science, nudging you in your stated desired direction, helping you make better choices in all areas of life. …

Two life-changing events over the past ten years have shaped my view of myself and the world — both of them concerns health.

In 2009, right before turning 30, I burnt out. I got the help I needed to recover, did my work to come back, found my community and came back stronger with hard-earned yet important insights on what truly matters.

In 2019, this spring, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s, an inflammatory bowel disease where the immune system goes into overdrive and attacks healthy tissue. I opted out of medication and instead chose to embark on a self-healing journey…

Collective intelligence — Artificial intelligence — Distributed data

How does an organization become more adaptive and generative in a world where disruption is the new normal? How do we make good and wise decisions? How is value created? Before we tackle these questions—maybe we first need to rethink and redefine what an organization is, and what value is.

Imagine a new type of organization that creates value and operates radically different from what most of us are used to today. What does it look like? And where would you start — technology or human behavior? How about both?

I’m currently exploring this area. I think three distinctly different…

The world desperately needs me and every single one of us. Time to level up, folks.

I’d like to give an update on where things are heading, and what my role is in the grander scheme of things. This is my take in trying to make sense of the world. It’s also my first post on Medium. Hope it sets the right tone.

Our species, and the ecosystem we are embedded in, is entering turbulence. The gap, the liminal space, between the industrial age and the emerging network age is growing by the day. We’re all feeling stretched and weird things seem to pop out of nowhere. Trump, Brexit, drones, you name it. All of it…

Stefan Ekwall

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