Privilege and inequality in Silicon Valley
Ricky Yean

Ricky, thanks for writing this.

When I and other Finnish students/wannabe startuppers came on our self-organized trip to Stanford and Silicon Valley in 2009, and you showed us the work done at BASES, I could have never imagined what you were going through. I can tell you we were all amazed by you and your peers work, and you inspired many of us.

Nowadays I am teaching design thinking an innovation, and I see how the mindset (and I would say, arrogance level) of rich and less rich students shows through in anything they do. I see how some brilliant people don’t believe they can achieve a lot, just because, and tend to boycott themselves unknowingly. And I see how some average or less-than-average people, coming from a background of privilege, instead think they already own the world and don’t have the intellectual humility to learn from others. I want to thank you for sharing your story, as I hope it will give strength to students who share what you have gone through!

I wish you all the best!

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