Finding Art in Code

Trico from The Last Guardian

When I got into coding, I thought i’d have to leave a big chunk of my creative self behind. Code requires creativity in the form of problem-solving. It is of a different form from the kind I am more familiar with. On the spectrum of creativity, I place creative problem-solving on the opposite end of my visual creative abilities. The creative self I worried about losing can match colors, see patterns where others can not, notice minute details, and can create cool things by hand with all sorts of mediums. It was depressing to think i’d have to put one of my best skillsets, my artistic abilities, on the back-burner.

However, the more I look at web developer jobs, the more I can see chances for my creativity to shine. A lot of jobs i’ve been looking at want experience in the Adobe Suite (my turf!), like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator. My art major shouldn’t hurt either. Now that i’m sifting through jobs, I am growing more and more excited that the merging of my two passions, code and art, could quite possibly be a reality! I look forward to my first interviews!

If my first job doesn’t have room for my (artistic) creative talents, then i’ll keep practicing and hopefully find a niche later down the line! I’ll talk to my coworkers, I’ll watch Twitch streams, go to meetups and makerspaces, and keep making things. I’ll keep building my skills in code and in the arts, until the day I can make use of the two together!