Networking with Pokemon Go?

Have you played Pokemon Go? It was created by Niantic.

Its pretty neat. The app follows you in real time on a map using GPS. If you walk to certain locations, you can battle gyms and catch cool Pokemon. There are special Pokemon that can be caught daily at certain Gyms around the world and in your very town!

My classmates Jeff and Hagen both play too! Today, we decided to take down a pretty tough Pokemon that is considered ‘legendary,’ meaning that it is rare and difficult to add to your team/ catch in a Pokeball. We were on our way to get a burger for lunch along with two of our instructors Eric and Douglas and decided to try our chances at catching it along the way.

When we reached the Gym, we tried battling the Pokemon with just the three of us with no success. That was when a group of guys walked up and asked us if we were battling the Pokemon. We told them that we had failed. They asked us if we’d like to join their team and battle it together, and we agreed.

Now catching the Pokemon was a waiting game. Using our collaborative attacks, we took slivers off its health. With the ten of us, an odd grouping of strangers, we worked together against the legendary Pokemon! Meanwhile, we shared friendly banter, complimenting sneakers, phone cases, and about the game. Finally, we beat and caught the Pokemon! One of the guys even helped me to catch the Pokemon and gave me some friendly advice.

I realized after we had parted ways that there had been a missed chance of making an important connection with these strangers. Who had I just rubbed shoulders with? What if their businesses had been hiring? Could they have WORKED IN or even KNEW PEOPLE in the areas I was seeking employment?? I had missed a real opportunity for networking!!

There are plenty of other legendary Pokemon to catch and plenty of days left in class to meet others and network, but I think Pokemon Go is a good way to break the ice with the common ground of nerdness!