Moments in time….

Moments. in time…

Crib,I haven’t played in about 34 years. I remember playing with my uncle’s and grandfather at the kitchen table in Limavady Ireland, my grandfather always cheated and my uncle’s would argue and fight with him, but in a nice unharmful way, I think it was just a comedy show they put on for my benefit. You will have to teach me to play crib again someday.

I keep waking up to check to see if you are comfortable, but alas you are here only in my dreams and in an ethereal spirit sense. My heart races with a brief touch of fear when the dreamy fog clears and I realize that. The moonlight is shining through my bedroom window and is making me think of mother earth and what I shall record with my camera on my next venture.

Yesterday and this morning was beautiful, I was so enamoured with your company my heart and soul was touched, life provides so much indescribable joy and magical occasion. I was dreaming of a family dinner in your kitchen, laughing smiles and full bellies, then watching the sun descend behind your horses, a warm breeze gently blowing and a rainbow of red and golden hues bouncing around in the air, off all things beautiful like playful faeries, you turn towards me and smile with that sparkle in your eyes.

I hear the kettle whistle and not long after, the aroma in the air of mint and ginger from the teapot brings comfort ………..I drift back to sleep realizing this has yet to happen.

From my diaries

Stefanie Harron