I’m voting for Hillary cause she’s a woman. (There, I said it.)
Tess Russell

“The fact that Donald Trump can even be a presidential candidate when he thinks half his potential constituency are either sluts or pigs and jokes about banging his daughter is why we need Hillary.”

Though I am more a Bernie supporter, this line resonated with me immensely. It’s so true!! I don’t bash Hilary supporters in the slightest and no matter which of the two gets the nomination, I will be voting for democrat. But you really hit the nail right on the head! I would love to see a woman in the white house and not just as a wife to the president but the actual leader of the nation. Can you imagine what message that would send to all the young girls in America?

My true frustration with politics is the lack of respect….for anyone. Candidates, voters, the media, the congress and senate…why can’t we all just have calm conversations/debates about topics without calling others names or questioning their intelligence? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and do not deserve to get abused or tormented for voicing it. (Except when your opinion is just to say someone is stupid for not agreeing with you. Those people can go live in a hole somewhere.) There is so much wrong with the mentality of the public and I’m not certain if it has always been this way or if it just came to my attention with social media or something has fundamentally changed but I don’t like it and wish I could turn the noise off. What happened to the peace loving hippies or are they just in movies and television? I wasn’t alive in that era but the idea of being out with my sisters burning our bras to make a statement is something only dreams are made of now. It’s so hard to see through the hate these days.

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