“Be grateful for everything — even the tough stuff.”

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Lately I‘ve been feeling kinda blue again.

I always like to cheekily call this my “growing pains”, even though I know they don’t actually refer to my perennial turmoil while being a lost adolescent.

I don’t really care. I like the term. It’s one of the little joy I can make out of this icky, irky feeling. My emotions are always pegged to the “fervency” of the season.

This evening I tried to start a new episode of my favourite podcast. 55 minutes, it says. I decided I didn’t want to…

Chrome extensions.

Boulders and Rocks

When we are living in an era that prioritises and tries its best to maximise efficiency, humans are always finding ways to cut corners and we are always quick to look for HUGE improvements.

Likewise, when it comes enhancing our productivity system, it is understandable that fancy apps are the ones that are most sought after. Forest, Things, Fantastical… No hate — in fact, I’m an avid user of some “fancy” apps as well and I really, really enjoy them.

But I’d like to think that they are the boulders perched against the sea, the significant ones. This…

I’m only one letter in but Seneca literally slapped me on the face.

I could’ve condensed what I gained from the book into one article only, but 1) I haven’t finished the book, and 2) when I’ve learnt so much just from a single letter, it seems disrespectful of me to do so.

Some personal story first.

I’ve recently picked up reading as a habit again, but there’s always one thing that’s bugging me.

I start more books than I can finish.

Sometimes I ascribe it to the repetitive reinforcement of the same ideas, other times my justification is how…

With Love, Stefanie

the impediment to action advances action, what stands in the way becomes the way — goodreads.com/stefaniewongsw

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