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Halloween Morning

I paced the kitchen tiles, ready to pounce. The sun was just beginning to light up the darkness outside and provided just enough light to see what I was doing. I turned as my husband stopped in the doorway.

His chuckle irritated me.

“I never thought I’d see the day where my wife became a lion on Halloween morning.”

I growled and shot him my worst glare I could muster.

“You look like you’re on the hunt, waiting to pounce on your prey.”

I stalked away and crossed my arms.

“You know, I could help tease your hair a bit, make your mane fluffier.”

He wanted to die. He really did. My attention snapped from my target, onto my new target. He just stood there grinning at me.

A beep rang out and I pounced.

As I took my first delicious swig of coffee, he wrapped his arms around me from behind.

“You know, if you want to be a lion, I have a game in mind…” he whispered in my ear.

I purred.