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Take A Chance At Love — Pt. 1

Part 1 — The Questionnaire


The questionnaire on the site gave her pause, made her question whether or not she should continue. The dating site promised a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ dating experience, no matter what happened.

Courtney took a sip of her steaming mug of coffee. On the screen was a list of thirty items. She was supposed to check off each one that she was scared of.

Heights? Check

Speeding Vehicles? Check

Flying​? Check

Glancing over the list, Courtney groaned. If this was a reflection of her life, she might as well be put in a plastic bubble and be spoon-fed baby food.

On to the next section. Check off all activities you have attempted at least once. The list was extensive. Unlike the first list, there was hardly anything Courtney could check off.

Horseback riding? Only if they count the plastic horse in front of the grocery store that you drop two quarters into to make it move.

Skydiving​? Ha! She’d never even been in a plane.

Fishing? Courtney choked back a gag thinking of touching the slimy creatures.

Swimming? A smile grew on her face. Finally one she could mark off.

The doorbell rang and Courtney grabbed her coffee mug and went to answer. Her best friend, Meg, stood on the front porch holding a bag from the local bakery shop. The aroma of fresh-made blueberry muffins hit Courtney before she even had a chance to say hello.

“I brought goodies. Your favorite.”

Courtney opened the door wider and stepped back. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“You’re not thinking of backing out of this, are you? You promised. That’s why I came over.” Meg said, as she led the way to Courtney’s kitchen.

“No, well yes, but you’ve got to see this questionnaire. This is hopeless.”

Meg sat down in front of the laptop while Courtney dug into a muffin. She nearly moaned as the blueberry juice ran across her tongue.

“I’ve been telling you for years to get out there. Ever since you dated ‘Stay-At-Home-Bob’, you’ve closed yourself off to new experiences.”

Courtney studied her muffin, refusing to make eye contact. Meg was right. With Bob, everything was safe; comfortable. Sure, there were no sparks but there was also no anxiety about what was going to happen. There was a set routine. There was… boredom.

“Come on, Court, let’s get this finished up so you can take your first step on your new journey.”

Meg’s enthusiasm was contagious. Even though her stomach flip-flopped over all the unknowns, it was exciting. Now, as Courtney sat down next to Meg, she had to wonder. Would she actually go through with this if a match was found?