We analyzed 83 726 tweets about Inbound Marketing — these are the Top 5 most shared posts!

Reading means learning. Improve your skills with the most shared Inbound Marketing posts from September 2015.

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The 5 most shared Inbound Marketing posts on Twitter -September 2015

1. Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing

Whether B2B or B2C, I believe passionately that good marketing essentials are the same. We all are emotional beings looking for relevance, context and connection

Visual marketing is on everyone’s lips and video is in the lead. This post from BluePrint is the one most popular read. The team behind BluePrint has crafted a series of posts (6 chapters) to guide you through this topic. From defining what video marketing is, on to how a good strategy is set, and then they help you make your first campaign. Good job, guys!

2. Facebook Content Strategy is a time bomb for Inbound Marketing

HubSpot tends to view inbound marketing as an engine for leads. I tend to view Inbound marketing as an engine for relationships. But in the end, the goal is the same — sales.

Mark Schaefer is a respected marketing thought-leader with a superior blog. He’s a well-known blogger and speaker and has published several reputable books. In this post, he’s pointing out a growing threat: Social platforms are transforming themselves into virtual news and entertainment channels. They do it because they want you to spend your time on their site, not anyone else’s. Not good news for inbound marketers — Read the excellent post here!

3. Ten Tried-and-True Tips for Sales and Marketing Alignment

Suddenly, communication between Sales and Marketing was much harder to get right. When we were a smaller team, I could meet 1:1 with each salesperson and talk about how we could help generate more (and better) leads … but that wasn’t scalable as we grew.

Not surprisingly, a blog post from HubSpot pops up among the most shared articles in September. This one is a classic tips-and-tricks article. What makes it stand out is that all 10 tips come out of talking to fellow marketers about their real-life experiences. If your work includes serving leads to a sales organisation this is a really good read!

4. Why inbound marketing is the king of all marketing

The beauty of inbound marketing. When done right, your brand awareness grows because your content is being shared beyond your immediate circle, reaching countless other people that have probably never heard of your brand.

Frank Cowell works for an agency named Elevator. His post is a celebration of Inbound Marketing overall and I find it really inspiring. For everyone looking for a good walk-through on why inbound marketing is the strategy to place all your bets on — this read is a good start!

5. Your First 10 Inbound Marketing Tactics

Whether it’s in brand image, increasing leads and customers or increasing traffic to your website, the Inbound Methodology is an excellent way to improve your current marketing strategy

One more list, this one from Business to Community. (Lists are still a popular content format. Three out of the five most shared posts about inbound marketing in September 2015 are lists. Obvious conclusion: people seem to like the ease of being guided through a topic this way.) Business to Community’s post covers the fundamentals of setting up your inbound tactic. Check it out, you might have missed something.

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Stefan Krafft, 2015–10–26

Originally published at blog.haaartland.com on October 26, 2015.