HR: The Weak Spot for Corporate Transformation

If executives are going to be successful with corporate transformation, they must involve — and share ownership — with every business function in the organization. However, you can’t start with every function and try to transform everything at once. You need to be quite strategic in your approach and you need a solid change management and communication process.

My take is that you need to form a strong triangle with key executives, the people already working with strategy, transformation and innovation and the HR people.

The weak spot is HR. As I have worked with innovation management for a very long time, I have always wondered why we did not see or hear more from the HR function. This was strange to me as I had no problem convincing the people I worked with that people is the key element for innovation — as it is for corporate transformation today.

I will write much more about this triangle in the future and explain why this is important and share my perspectives on how this could work. But for now, you get some images and infographics on the role of HR in the context of corporate transformation.

By the way, I would give three other functions special attention for the corporate transformation efforts besides the triangle of executives, strategy/innovation and HR. They are:

- communication (because communication is key for your transformation efforts, this has to be internally as well as externally directed)

- supply chain / procurement (because it is already important and getting a bigger role on innovation)

- IT (you need to get IT people who put business ahead of IT in their mindset and approaches)

Let me know what you think of this and in particular if you have some good views on the future role of HR.