Making systems more approachable
Ryan Mohr

The conversation is vital to educate and imbue the reader/contributor with the goals of the designer but invariably these are not communicated until the first practical process. The missing parts are: “what type of system are we faced with”; “what variables can we capture/manage and those not|; and “what models can we use and their drawbacks with regards to the aforementioned”?

Having followed Gene/Scott and Kumu from the beginning I’m glad we are approaching a multi-model process where Systems Dynamics, Network Theory and Agent-Based Model merge to show a more complete picture but it is explaining to the new user what these are and their limitations in simple language that is necessary.

Finally there should be a general “Health Warning” with ALL models that they are probabilistic and not deterministic in nature; they show the way not the outcome because nothing is truly finished. This willalso help in developing finance as investors get to see what is always assumed but rarely noticed that “we hope to get this result but have got the manage/organisational ability to get you there”.

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