One skill that will help you become successful

In almost any domain.

I’m going to talk about a skill that, even if it is done by many, few people can do it right. It’s an art, it can make you ten times better than others, just by harvesting its powers.


“Searching? What? I do it all the time”. You may be one of the people that know how to do it, but in my life I’ve met a lot of people that just stared blankly at a computer error, or didn’t know how to tie a knot, even if those can be fixed by a 2 minute search.

Why it is so important? Searching goes hand in hand with curiosity, and if you will learn how to search, you will learn how to solve problems, and you’ll have the chance to gain experience.

Let’s say an error pops up.

First approach (person doesn’t know how to search)

Panic. Call a friend. Wait for the friend to come over. The friend fixes the error. Time spent: 1 hour

Second and best approach

Search error code on the internet. Fix error. Time spent: 20 minutes.

How to do it?

Search. As simple as that. You can learn how to do it better just by searching a lot, because you’ll get familiar with websites like StackOverflow and different forums.

Thank you for reading, it’s my first article on Medium, hope it helped you.