This post could revolutionize the way you read content

I hate speculative headlines.

I really do and I am particularly tired of the kind that lead you here (sorry about that!): ‘X could revolutionize Y’. Here is an array of examples just from last week:

  • 5 ways the world’s most controversial telescope could revolutionize astronomy
  • Drones could revolutionize 2016 presidential coverage
  • Machine learning breakthrough could revolutionize medicine
  • ‘Thought vectors’ could revolutionize artificial intelligence
  • Why Apple’s new streaming service could revolutionize the music industry — again
  • How Google’s gesture control technology could revolutionize the way we use devices
  • All Natural, Mushroom-Based Pesticide Could Revolutionize Agriculture

And one of my favorites:

  • Pop Star Akon’s Ambitious Solar Plan Could Revolutionize Africa

Headlines like those are simple clickbaits. The articles lack substance and even if they have something interesting to say the stories get lost in a cloud of hyperbole. Those are just another way for starving media outlets to feed their pageviews statsheets (i.e. trash content).

Ignoring it is impossible, but not clicking isn’t. Next time you see one of those ‘could revolutionize’ stop for a second and think. You can probably read something better.

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